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Our Biographies

Lady Peachena as Mahalia Jackson

Lady Peachena singing in San Sebatian, Spain

Lady Peachena as Gospel Singer

Debbie Sargeant

Debbie Sargeant is one of the founding members of The Great Divas of Gospel. She met Lady Peachena while performing in the late Ron Milner's dynamic a cappella musical, "SEASON'S REASONs," during the summer of


Over the years, Debbie has performed in several other Broadway productions, such as "THE WIZ." She's toured the world as a back-up singer with Harry Belafonte.

Debbie's also a founding member, assistant director, and one of the lead singers of The Late Show's Gospel Choir.

In the show, THE GREAT DIVAS OF GOSPEL, she plays the riveting roles of Miss Clara Ward & Miss Roberta Martin.

Delores Morales

Delores has performed in several Off-Broadway productions at the National Action Network's House of Justice, as well as at churches and theaters all over New York City.

She's also a longtime member of the cast of THE GREAT DIVAS OF GOSPEL, and she plays the spirited role of Miss Ruth Davis, who was the lead singer of the Famous Davis Sisters of Philadelphia, PA.

Gloria K. Smith

Seen in the video above, Gloria was one of the greatest sopranos of her day. Not only was she blessed with a glorious voice, but she had a magnetic presence, too. She was one of the founding members of The Great Divas of Gospel, and she played the role of Miss Marion Williams. She appeared in several Off-Broadway shows, TV shows, and movies, including "CITY HALL." Gloria's golden voice will be forever immortalized in that movie.

Unexpectedly, she suddenly passed away just after singing with THE GREAT DIVAS at Harlem's famed Apollo in August, '95. May she forever Rest in Peace!

Betty Cooks

Betty Cooks is a longtime member of Mt. Sinai Baptist Church in Brooklyn, NY, and she's one of the lead singers of the church's choir. She was hired on the spot by Lady Peachena to join "The Great Divas" cast after singing "Just A Closer Walk With Thee," in the ladies restroom at Brooklyn's Metro Tech Center in '93.

Betty has performed in several Off-Bway productions presented by veteran Gospel singer, Ella Mitchell.

Betty is also one of the original members of The Late Show's Gospel Choir, and she has made several TV appearances with them.

In the show, THE GREAT DIVAS OF GOSPEL, she plays the stunning roles of Miss Sallie Martin & Mother Willie Mae Ford Smith.

Miriam Miller

Miriam is the newest member of THE GREAT DIVAS OF GOSPEL, and she plays the strong role of Miss Marion Williams, who was former lead singer of The Clara Ward Singers and founder of her own group, The Stars of Faith.

Miriam is also a member of Mt. Sinai Baptist Church, and she sings with the church choir.

Eleta McKay

Eleta (in the photo above) hails from Toronto, Canada, and she's a fantastic young songstress who possess an amazing voice. She has been an exciting addition to the cast of THE GREAT DIVAS OF GOSPEL, but her performances with the cast has been limited because she lives so far away.

In the past few years, Eleta has been on tours around Europe singing with The New York Stars and The Late Show's Gospel Choir.

Lady Peachena

Gifted Gospel psalmist & Grammy-nominated songwriter, Lady Peachena, wrote the smash-hit, "DANCING IN THE SPIRIT," which was recorded by the late Ron Winans & his Family & Friends Choir in '88. Pastor Marvin Winans led the song, and it was nominated for a Grammy Award in '89.

Always trendsetter, Lady Peachena was one of the first promoters to inaugurate the Sunday Gospel Brunch when she produced & hosted GOSPEL AT THE GATE, a series of successful Sunday Gospel Brunches at the landmark Village Gate in '88.

This Gospel Diva is the playwright of the electrifying show, "THE GREAT DIVAS OF GOSPEL," which salutes the female pioneers of Gospel music. This powerful Gospel musical has been touring the U.S.A. for 20 years to rave reviews. Besides performing in her own Gospel shows, "THE GREAT DIVAS OF GOSPEL," and "MOVE UP A LITTLE HIGHER," Lady Peachena has starred in such Off-Broadway shows as:

"SEASON'S REASONS," "OVER 40," and "GOD'S TROMBONES." In 1988, she appeared in the Broadway production of "GOSPEL AT COLONUS" with the Institutional Radio Choir at the Lunt-Fontanne Theater.

In the Fall of '95, Lady Peachena organized The Late Show's Gospel Choir at the request of Paul Shaffer, Musical Director of CBS TV's "LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN."Since then the choir has performed on "THE LATE SHOW," over a dozen times. In 2011, this awesome choir toured Spain twice to sold-out SRO concerts, and filmed "MTV UNPLUGGED" with rock band, 30 SECONDS TO MARS. (For more info on the choir, visit:

Currently, Lady Peachena has released her 3rd inspirational CD, "I'LL NEVER LET GO OF MY FAITH," on the Tate Music Group label. Her other 2 CDS "THE BISHOP'S DAUGHTER," and "DIVINE RESTORATION" are on her own label, Platinum Peachtree Records, and they are available on: &